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At YoCoat, we’re focused on providing our customers with incredible service! For us, that’s so much more than the best prices – our aim is to bring you brands and products that make a difference for your business! Our goal is to help you become more profitable, operate more efficiently and grow your business!

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From fillers to top coats, we have it all. We work with amazing brands like Automotive Art and Finixa to deliver European quality in easy-to-use products. You’ll love the results, and so will your customers.

Our Business Services

We do things a bit differently around here and we’re proud of it. Online shopping for your Refinish needs may be a new experience, but trust us – once you jump in, you’ll never go back! And, although we’re set up a bit differently than what you may be used to, we’re also very similar! Just like you, we’re experienced Automotive Refinish Professionals, and we’re committed to helping your business thrive. We don’t lock you into contracts or commitments, so you can order what you need when you need it. And our support is always just a phone call or email away.
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